Foreign buyers replace Greeks

Demand by Greeks for the purchase of property is in decline, linked to the estimates for a slight slowdown in the rate of price growth by 2025, per the latest survey by the network, while interest from abroad keeps growing.

Houses that €200,000 can buy

Property buyers wishing to spend 200,000 euros can get only about 80-100 square meters of an old property in specific parts of Athens’ city center and western suburbs.

Affordable housing plan moving ahead

The government’s ambitious plan for affordable housing, dubbed the social compensation program, entails the construction of apartment blocks on public land with private funds and renting them out at low rates.

Golden Visa dropping a gear

A small decline has been recorded in new applications for residence permits through the Golden Visa program in the first quarter.

Renovate-to-rent subsidies

The government and the realty market are pinning significant hopes on the success of the “Renovate-Rent” program.

Why are rental rates skyrocketing?

According to the available data, residential rental rates have been rising much faster than salaries in recent years, making some neighborhoods, and especially in central Athens, too expensive for young house-hunters.

Home energy upgrades are crucial

The energy upgrade of the existing building stock will be a particularly difficult challenge given the insulation specifications and heating systems.