Mouzalas says ‘sound indications’ that eight Turk servicemen took part in 2016 coup attempt


Migration Policy Minister has said that there are “sound indications” that the eight Turkish servicemen who fled to Greece after the botched coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016 were involved in the attempted overthrow.

“There are sound indications that they took part in the coup,” Mouzalas said in an interview with Skai TV’s Istories (stories) program late on Tuesday. “In our view, this creates – this is a known fact – a problem with the neighboring country… We are a rule of law state, we shall pursue the legal path,” he added. “It is up to the courts to decide.”

In the same interview, Mouzalas denied allegations that he had failed to inform the government of a decision late December by a Greek asylum board to grant protection to one of the eight servicemen, despite having prior knowledge of the ruling.