N17 hitman Koufodinas applies for more prison leave


Two months since he spent 48 hours away from Korydallos Prison in Athens, the convicted hitman of the November 17 terrorist group, Dimitris Koufodinas, has applied for another furlough.

According to sources, Koufodinas has asked the prison’s parole board for additional leave to spend time with his family and brush up on his former profession. Koufodinas worked as a beekeeper before being handed 11 life sentences in 2003 for the murders he carried out.

It is not clear when the parole board, which consists of a prosecutor, the prison warden and a social worker, will meet to decide on his application.

Koufodinas was first released in November, sparking an angry reaction from the United States, Britain and Turkey, as well as the relatives of his victims.

The coalition argued that the law allowed the prison authorities to grant Koufodinas temporary leave and that it could not interfere in the process.