Seven in 10 Greeks against use of ‘Macedonia’ in name solution, poll shows


Seven in 10 Greeks are against the word "Macedonia" forming part of the official name for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Balkan state bordering Greece, according to a new opinion poll. 

The survey, conducted by the polling firm Marc on behalf of the Proto Thema newspaper, found that 68 percent of respondents are against the use of the word "Macedonia" in a composite name for FYROM with 23.6 percent supporting it. 

The survey also pointed to a relatively small portion of supporters of leftist SYRIZA backing the use of the term with 25.2 percent in favor and 53.8 percent against. 

As regards supporters of conservative New Democracy, 67 percent opposes the use of the term compared to 21.4 percent who would compromise. 

United Nations-mediated talks between diplomats from Greece and FYROM are to begin in New York in a bid to resolve the long-standing name dispute over the coming months ahead of a NATO summit in July.

Greece in 2008 used its veto to stop FYROM's bid to join NATO, noting that the name dispute must first be resolved.