Ship carrying explosives seeks shelter in Thermaic Gulf


The Kapetan Christos cargo ship has been forced by gale-force winds to seek shelter in Thessaloniki’s Thermaic Gulf while carrying 410 tons of explosive material from Crete.

The ship was supposed to unload its dangerous cargo in Thessaloniki on Thursday morning so it could be taken to a military facility in Serres where it will be stored safely. But gale-force winds prevented the Kapetan Christos from approaching the port and it remained in Thessaloniki’s bay, waiting for conditions to improve.

The explosives were seized from a Tanzania-flagged ship that was intercepted last week off the coast of Crete and may have been bound for Libya.

The Andromeda’s master and chief officer, meanwhile, were remanded in custody pending trial after a lengthy testimony to an investigating magistrate on Thursday.

The ship’s eight sailors have also been remanded.