Coordinated attack staged on seven Attica supermarkets


Hooded assailants conducted a coordinated attack on seven supermarkets belonging to the Market In chain in different parts of Attica in the early hours of Thursday.

The attacks happened on outlets in Galatsi, Nikaia, Vyronas, Zografou, Kaisariani, Aghious Anargyrous and Halandri within a half hour of each other, and resulted in extensive damage to the stores’ facades.

This was the third such attack on the specific chain in less the two months in the Athens are, while similar vandalism has taken place against Market In stores in the cities of Thessaloniki and Patra.

The attacks are believed to be politically motivated, as a post on an anarchist website accuses the company of robbing its workers of long-overdue back pay, slashing their salaries and violating their labor rights.