University professor calls for stop to ‘unprecedented crime and lawlessness’

University professor calls for stop to ‘unprecedented crime and lawlessness’

An academic of Athens University has called on the institution's authorities to stop to what he described as "unprecedented scenes of violence and lawlessness" on the grounds of a student accommodation complex in Zografou and at various faculties.

In the letter, which was posted on the "Student News" website,, Manos Stefanidis, a professor of theater studies, rang the alarm bell, referring to several alleged crimes targeting both academics and students.

The asylum law banning police from entering university grounds is being exploited by "insolent criminals," he said.

Stefanidis referred to a "provocative increase in lawlessness committed by criminal gangs" operating in the area.

On one occasion, thieves stole money from a bank ATM on the law faculty building, threatening students with a revolver, he said.

Students and academics leaving lectures in the evening, after dark, generally do so in groups due to fear of being ambushed, he said.

In another incident cited by the academoc, last Wednesday, a student was knifed during a mugging that led to assailants stealing his laptop and wallet.