The forces that benefit from allowing the public school system to continue its downward slide have reared their ugly head again. 

Language tuition seminars in June

The Hellenic American Union is organizing two sets of seminars for foreign language institutions and teachers in Greece next month.

University campus police ready to assume duties

With the completion of their training on Tuesday, the 400 special guards who will staff the new police corps permanently stationed at universities will be granted a two-week leave before assuming their duties.

Fewer places at Greek universities

Greece’s Ministry of Education has announced that the number of places in universities and ecclesiastical academies available to high school seniors taking the country-wide entrance exams starting next week is 68,394, down from 77,415 last year.

Medical schools to launch English-language programs

As part of the effort to attract foreign students, hence providing higher education institutes with a more extroverted outlook, a growing number of Greek medical schools are introducing or planning to introduce English-language undergraduate programs.

Protest over campus police

Holding banners saying that “university police will not enter our schools,” student associations brought parts of downtown Athens to a standstill on Friday afternoon with a protest march.

Special vocational school short-listed for European award

The Laboratory of Special Vocational Education (EEEEK), a public secondary school for students with disabilities in the Athens suburb of Agios Dimitrios, has been nominated for the European Commission’s 2022 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Excellence Awards.

Council of State rules in favor of campus police

The Council of State, Greece’s highest administrative court, has ruled that legislation which provides for the creation of a new police corps, permanently stationed on university campuses, does not violate academic freedom and the self-governing legal status of the institutions.

Police will enter campus if requested

If the rector’s office requests it, police will send forces to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to ensure that the works for the construction of the library are completed without any problems, a senior ranking officer told Kathimerini on Monday.

Tension flares up again at Thessaloniki university

Protesters opposed to the dismantling of an unlicensed “social space” and the construction of a library in its place clashed with police on the campus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on Tuesday.