Athens mayor accuses PM of ‘not doing his job properly’


Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to take action in response to a recent spike in anarchist-related vandalism and violence in the downtown area, accusing the leftists leader of “not doing his job properly.”

Kaminis’s statement came after a mob of around 30-40 men rampaged through the Ermou high street on Wednesday, smashing the windows of at least 10 shops and causing other damage.

“They are threatening the very economy of the city, which is being done a terrible injustice by the image of violence being broadcast in all the foreign media,” Kaminis said.

“I think that the prime minister is not doing his job properly when this is the image that Athens has and not just in regards to violence, but also to the public use of drugs,” the mayor added.