Police breaks robbery ring that operated around Acropolis


Six Pakistani nationals, aged between 19 and 34, faced an Athens prosecutor as suspected members of a robbery ring targeting tourists and Athenians around the Acropolis area.

Officers were seeking a seventh suspected ring member, also a Pakistani national, aged 19.

The suspects face charges of running a criminal organization as well as attempted manslaughter, robbery and illegal weapons possession. 

Most of them were arrested in Aegaleo, western Athens.

Another 12 Pakistani nationals alleged to have sold on the valuables stolen by the robbery racket were detained separately and face charges of trading in illegally acquired goods.

The robbers were active over the past two months, chiefly in the areas of Filopappou Hill and around the Acropolis Museum and ancient site.

According to police, the robbers would work together, with some surrounding their victims and others threatening them with knives to hand over cash and valuables.

In a few cases, when targeted victims resisted, they used the knives to cause minor injuries, police said.