Central Bank governor files lawsuit against witnesses in Novartis case


Central Bank Governor Yannis Stournaras has filed a lawsuit against two protected witnesses in the Novartis bribery case accusing them of perjury and slander, reports said Wednesday.

A statement issued by the country’s central bank noted that a decision by the corruption prosecutor handling the case to allow witnesses to testify anonymously contravened national laws and the European Convention on Human Rights.

On Tuesday, a corruption prosecutor investigating the case ordered the opening of ten bank accounts and disclosure of other assets belonging to the prominent politicians named in the case file.

The investigation concerns allegations that the Swiss drugmaker bribed Greek doctors and public officials to increase its access to the Greek market and sell its products at inflated prices.

The politicians named in the probe, including two former prime ministers, have rejected the allegations as a fabrication and described it a smear campaign against the government's political rivals.