New migrant arrivals on Lesvos and Chios reach 350 in one day


A total of 350 undocumented migrants landed on the islands of Lesvos and Chios on Sunday morning, official figures showed amid rising concerns about a growing influx of refugees from both the land and sea borders.

Some 270 migrants landed on the shores of Lesvos from neighboring Turkey in five separate boats.

Four of the boats, carrying a total of 226 migrants, arrived on the beaches near Mytilene, the island's main port, while another vessel reached northern Lesvos with 45 people aboard

Another 80 migrants reached Chios.

Since Mahy 1, a total of 831 migrants have arrived on the islands of the eastern Aegean, joining reception centers which are already crowded.

Of those 831 migrants, 554 reached Lesvos, 218 Chios and 50 Samos.