Heavy rainfall floods dozens of homes across Greece


The weather took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, with rainfall exceeding 50 millimeters in many parts of the country.

There was serious flooding in Mandra, the western seaside town that was hard hit in last November’s deadly floods.

The rain was also heavy in the prefecture of Magnesia, central Greece, where there were reports of serious flooding.

In the area of Kanalia, streams broke their banks and flooded around 30 homes while local roads were submerged.

Some 40 firefighters were on duty in the broader area and responded to scores of calls to pump out flooded basements or rescue stranded motorists, with the assistance of 17 fire engines.

There was widespread flooding in Larissa too. Deputy Mayor Vassilis Letsios told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that coastal roads were particularly badly affected, noting that municipal vehicles had been dispatched to contain the flooding and open up outlets to reduce the volume of water.