Several regions of Western Macedonia in northern Greece woke up to a light snowfall on Thursday morning, as a cold front moved in from northwestern Europe towards the Balkans.

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A low-pressure system will be sweeping into the southeastern Aegean area on Wednesday, bringing rain, thunderstorms and strong winds for a brief spell of around 24 hours, the National Observatory of Athens’ weather service has reported.


The power outages and general mayhem caused by last week’s snowstorms, particularly in northern Attica, once again exposed the shortcomings of the country’s state mechanisms and led to the usual blame game over who was ultimately responsible.


The state needs to learn the requisite lessons from the extreme weather that hit Greece this past week.


Tree branches are disentangled from power lines in the affluent district of Dionysos as work to restore power in the capital’s northern suburbs continued on Thursday.


The Hellenic Electricity Network Operator (DEDDIE) has announced that it recognized the difficulties faced by thousands of households who were affected by power outages during the Medea weather system and will remove its transmission/distribution charge from their February electricity bills.

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The Greek government will prioritize the replacement of overhead cables providing electrical power with underground cables in critical areas and will soon table a bill seeking to clarify the overlapping responsibilities of state and municipal authorities on maintenance issues, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Thursday, as authorities struggled to restore power in thousands of households hit by a snowstorm early the week.

Cars covered with snow after a heavy snowfall in Dionysos suburb, northern Athens, on Wednesday.  [Thanassis Stavrakis/AP]

With the jury out on whether regional authorities or the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE) were ultimately responsible for the disruptions caused by the Medea weather system, the government was in a race against time on Wednesday to restore power to almost 40,000 households in Attica, particularly in the northern suburbs but elsewhere too.