Underground plan for ISAP’s Faliro-Piraeus route revived


After years of procrastination, plans to move the section of the electric railway (ISAP) between Neo Faliro and Piraeus underground appear ready to move forward, Kathimerini understands.

The project dates to 2000 and was meant to be realized alongside the Athens tram, which is to be extended to Piraeus. However, in 2009 the tender for the tram’s extension was announced independently.
Now, following years of delays and bureaucracy, the terms have been approved to ensure that the project does not violate environmental laws, according to sources.

Before a tender can be announced for the project, though, authorities must approve the disbursement of the 100 million euros the works are expected to cost.

Assuming that the budget is approved and the works go ahead, the next step would be to link the port of Piraeus to the district of Kaminia, sources said.