18.03.2021 / 23:58

The cabinet has given the go-ahead to a plan that will introduce car sharing and carpooling in Greece to help mitigate heavy traffic conditions and cut emissions.

17.03.2021 / 05:39

The Infrastructure and Transport Ministry has announced that from Thursday Greek driving license holders in Attica who are seeking to replace their existing license will be able to submit the required forms and documents online.

10.03.2021 / 11:01

Battered by the travel restrictions and limits on the number of passengers in their vehicles due to the lockdown measures, the Attica Taxi Drivers’ Union (SATA) said Monday their sector is at risk of extermination as its confrontation with the Transport and Finance ministries escalates.

15.02.2021 / 17:00

Despite warnings from experts about the proliferation of the novel coronavirus in the Greek capital and the new hard lockdown, commuters and motorists continue to be a headache for the government as it seeks to reduce public mobility.

09.02.2021 / 19:05

Successive bans on travel between Greece’s regions since the start of the pandemic and restrictions on passenger numbers dragged revenues from ticket sales down to 57.9 million euros in 2020, Greek rail operator Trainose has reported.