EU border guards may be deployed in FYROM


The European Union and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have agreed to allow EU border guards to be deployed in FYROM if the country, which borders Greece, faces “sudden migratory challenges.”

The deal, initialed by EU commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and Macedonian interior minister Oliver Spasovski Wednesday, will allow the EU’s border agency to carry out joint operations with FYROM.

Although now officially closed, what became known as the Western Balkan route which went from Greece to FYROM and then northward into central Europe is still used by migrants, many of whom rely on smugglers, to try and reach wealthier EU countries.

In a press statement, Avramopoulos said the deal with FYROM will allow the European Agency to “fully exercise its potential, reacting swiftly to migratory challenges.” [AP]