Nimetz: New opportunity for FYROM name deal may take 25 years


If the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) or Greece do not ratify the agreement achieved between the two countries on the name of the former, it may take more than two decades to reach another, United Nations envoy Matthew Nimetz said in an interview with Balkans Insight on Wednesday.

The deal, reached between the two countries in late June this year, will rename the country “North Macedonia,” ending 27 years of disputes.

“I hope the agreement will pass, and I think it will pass in both countries, because it is a fair and honorable solution that meets the essential interests of both countries, but if it doesn’t get approved I do not see another solution in the near term,” he was quoted as saying.

“It has taken 25 years to achieve this agreement, it may take another 25 years. And a lot of people will lose interest if this does not pass in your country,” he added.

Nimetz said if FYROM rejects the deal in the upcoming referendum on September 30, the country will be perceived as not being interested in finding a solution, or joining the European Union or NATO.