Anti-racism rallies held ahead of anniversary of Fyssas stabbing


Anti-racism rallies were held in Athens and several other Greek cities on Saturday evening ahead of the fifth anniversary of the killing of a leftist rapper by a member of the neofascist Golden Dawn.

The rallies concluded without reports of the clashes between leftist demonstrators and members of right-wing groups that the police had feared.

The rally in central Athens, organized by an anti-racism group, was attended by a large number of migrants and refugees. The march started at Omonia Square and culminated at Syntagma where a concert followed.

Anti-fascism rallies were also held in Thessaloniki, Patra, Hania, Ioannina, Irakleio, Xanthi and Volos.

Police are bracing for further rallies — and expect more upheaval — at additional rallies planned for Tuesday, the anniversary of Pavlos Fyssas's stabbing in Keratsini, a suburb of Piraeus.