Musicians perform outside the Greek Parliament in Athens on Monday during a protest against new Covid-19 measures that ban music at all restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

People take part in a demonstration against femicide outside the Greek parliament in Athens, Greece, on Friday. The increasing number of femicides has made protesters demand better education at schools, regarding this matter.  [George Vitsaras/EPA]

Eighteen women’s organizations and feminist groups rallied before the Greek Parliament on Friday night to protest the murders of women by their partners or family members.


Helicopters, drones and more than 5,500 police officers will be deployed as part of the tight security operation planned by police in central Athens on November 17, on the anniversary of the 1973 student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic.


A total of 83 street demonstrations have been staged so far this month and police authorities shut down traffic on only 16 occasions, in line with criteria set by legislation introduced by the conservative government last year.

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Defending champion and standings leader Sebastien Ogier completed the circuit as the fastest driver of the day, watched by thousands of fans as he screeched past parliament to clock 51.5 seconds.


Referring to the new law on public gatherings that was enforced during Friday’s student march in central Athens, Citizens’ Protection Minister Panagiotis Theodorikakos said on Saturday that “there is no problem with those who want to demonstrate, on the condition that their actions do not disrupt the operation of the city.”


As protesters marched against the Taliban on the streets of Kabul, similar marches took place in cities across Europe, including Athens, where members of Greece’s Afghan community held a demo in Syntagma Square.