Police arrest 40 Afghans over fatal attack on Syrian man at camp


Police have detained 40 Afghan nationals for questioning following a large brawl on Saturday between a group of Afghan and Syrian migrants at a state-run camp of Malakasa, on the outskirts of Athens, that resulted in the death of a 31-year-old Syrian man. 

The police intercepted the 40 suspects on a train in nearby Avlona as they apparently sought to flee the region. Another 70 people — all Syrians — believed to have been involved in the fracas were also detained at Larissis Station as they had also been trying to flee, it appears. 

Some of the Afghan suspects who have been linked to the physical assault on the 31-year-old, are expected to face manslaughter charges. 

The victim suffered serious head wounds, apparently inflicted with a sharp object, during the brawl on Saturday. 

Over the summer, migrants at the camp had held protests over conditions at the overcrowded facility.