Tensions mount in migrant camps on mainland too


Concerns are growing about pressure on migrant reception facilities on the mainland as well as the Aegean islands as transfers from the islands continue amid a steady influx from Turkey.

Last week 611 people arrived on the island while 495 people were transferred to the mainland.

According to the group Refugee Support Aegean, rising tensions on the islands have led to a spike in racist attacks.

The group cited assaults against Afghan refugees on Lesvos, extremist language used by municipal councilors on Lesvos, Chios and Samos, and protests by parents on Chios against child refugees attending schools.

Frustration is also mounting in the camps where migrants wait for months for news of their fate.

On Wednesday a group of Afghans at a facility in Thiva, apparently drunk, tried to set a female resident of the camp on fire.