Media minister decries bombing attack on Skai, Kathimerini as ‘abhorrent’


Media Minister Nikos Pappas on Tuesday labeled the bombing attack against the headquarters of Skai television and Kathimerini newspaper on Athens's southern coast the previous day as an “abhorrent and despicable act.”

Speaking in Parliament during a debate on the 2019 budget, which lawmakers will be voting on later in the night, Pappas said that the government condemns Monday's bombing “without asterisks.”

The minister also dismissed as “contemptible” comments from certain political officials in the wake of the blast – in which the glass building was badly damaged, without, though causing any injuries – suggesting that the media group had provoked such an attack.

“We are solidly on the side of the worker, we are solidly against anyone who chooses violence, puts human lives at risk and tries to injure our democracy,” Pappas said.