More than 5 million Captagon pills counted in Piraeus drug haul


Greek authorities investigating a large haul of Captagon pills seized from a container ship at Piraeus port said on Tuesday they have so far counted more than 5 million items.

The drugs were stashed inside 540 lead plates, most each of which contained about 10,000 pills.

The cargo was seized on Monday after Turkish authorities alerted Greek counterparts on the shipment. The vessel had docked at Piraeus on its way to Dubai from Syria.

Authorities said the ship planned to make stops in Greece and Croatia before heading for Dubai so as not to raise suspicions.

The container ship had arrived in Piraeus three days ago. This psychostimulant – also known as the “Jihadist’s” drug – is reportedly used by Islamic State fighters to dull pain, keep them awake for long periods of time and to feel euphoria.

In early 2017, a plant producing the drug under the brand name Captagon was raided by police in Nea Peramo, western Attica.