Even though a year has gone by since the February 28, 2023 rail disaster near Larissa at Tempe, central Greece – which claimed the lives of 57 people, most of them young university students returning from a long weekend break – judicial authorities appear to have widened the scope of inquiries in recent weeks, adding more names to their list of suspects.

27.02.2024 / 20:45

The police’s Anti-Terrorism Division launched raids in different parts of Athens on Tuesday that were most likely linked to a parcel bomb that was sent to the prosecutor of the Appeal Court of Thessaloniki earlier in the month.

27.02.2024 / 13:15

The police’s Anti-Terrorism Division launched a crackdown on Tuesday against urban guerrilla groups operating in different parts of the Greek capital, including, reportedly, from two prisons.

26.02.2024 / 09:29

A year after the deadly train crash near the Vale of Tempe, which left 57 dead, it is clear that the relatives of the victims and survivors will wait a long time to see justice done.

22.02.2024 / 11:07

The Hellenic Coast Guard has been placed on alert due to a dramatic spike in migrant movements from Turkey to Greece’s eastern Aegean islands in recent days. Such was the concern that a decision was made to dispatch the chief of the coast guard, Giorgos Alexandrakis, to Mytilene on Lesvos to closely coordinate the response […]

18.02.2024 / 20:19

In the aftermath of the triple homicide at the offices of the European Navigation shipping firm in Glyfada, southern Athens, last Monday, the motive of the perpetrator, Aristides el Burai, has yet to be clarified.

15.02.2024 / 19:01

Greek authorities have apprehended two undocumented migrants from Iraq, aged 23 and 26, in the northwestern port of Igoumenitsa as they attempted to travel to Italy concealed within a freight truck. 

15.02.2024 / 11:50

The flow of migrants from the Egyptian and Libyan coasts to southern Crete and the small island of Gavdos has been increasing since the end of last summer, according to data of the Greek Coast Guard seen by Kathimerini. Between the start of 2024 and February, 12,573 migrants were detected in the region, while during […]

14.02.2024 / 07:52

Investigators are reportedly working on the assumption that the envelope containing explosives that was sent on Monday to the Thessaloniki courthouse addressed to the president of the Court of Appeal was an attempted terrorist attack without, however, correlating the case with the recent strikes at the headquarters of the riot police in Goudi and the Ministry of Labor.

13.02.2024 / 08:27

The ultimatum of the shipowning family to the 75-year-old foreman to leave the house he had been given to live in and his dismissal from the company a few days prior was, it seems, what led him to the triple murder – the owner of the shipping company Maria Karnesi, managing director Antonis Vlassakis and ship captain Ilias Koukoularis – at the firm’s offices in Glyfada, southern Athens on Monday, before killing himself.

12.02.2024 / 22:14

Urban guerrillas had gone silent since 2018. That is, until last December, when a bomb was placed outside the headquarters of the riot police in Athens last December.