Bad weather ties up ferries, snarls traffic and brings cloud of dust


Gale-force winds, strong downpours and hail caused problems in different parts of Greece on Thursday night and into Friday, as the bad weather continued.

Powerful winds in the Aegean, reaching speeds of up to 9 Beaufort, tied up ferries at the ports of Lavrio and Rafina, but also prevented all sailings from Piraeus to the islands of the Cyclades. Shorter routes with open ferries in other parts like Salamina, Kylini, Kavala and Igoumenitsa have also been affected.

In Athens, meanwhile, heavy rain caused extensive traffic jams all over the city, and especially on the Athens-Lamia national highway stretch from Iera Odos to Acharnon.

The weather front brought snow to the mountains of northern and western Greece, as well carrying a huge cloud of red dust from North Africa that rained down on Athens, Crete, the Peloponnese and other parts.