Magistrate to be appointed to probe ‘Korydallos Mafia’


Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou is expected to appoint an investigating magistrate in the coming days to probe a criminal racket believed to be operating in Athens’s maximum-security Korydallos Prison.

The official to be tasked with the job of probing what is being referred to as the “Korydallos Mafia” will be a specialist in terrorism, according to sources, as there is said to be evidence of the racket’s connection to terrorist activities.

The probe is to focus on the murder of lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos in October 2017, the attempted murder of another lawyer, Giorgos Antonopoulos, in 2014, the murder in Korydallos last month of an Albanian convict implicated in the murder of Zafeiropoulos, and the suspicious death of another Albanian inmate.

Alleged attempts to blackmail lawyer Dimitris Tsovolas and other legal professionals are also to come under scrutiny.