Hunger-striking Russian cybercrime suspect admitted to specialist clinic


Alexander Vinnik, a Russian national suspected of bitcoin fraud whose extradition is being sought by three countries, was admitted to a specialist clinic Thursday for treatment after a three-month hunger strike, his lawyer Timofey Musatov said.

Zoe Konstantopoulou, who is also defending Vinnik, said he has been detained for 19 months “without charges, without a sentence and without rights.”

Vinnik, 39, was arrested in July 2017 on a request from the United States in connection with a 4-billion-dollar bitcoin fraud case. France then sought his extradition on fraud and money laundering charges, followed by Russia on lesser fraud charges.

As Greek courts approved all three requests, it is down to Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis to decide where he will be sent.

Vinnik has agreed to be sent to Russia but is fighting the other two requests.