Lawyers charged with prison mafia collusion


A special appeals prosecutor has given two lawyers accused of participating in the so-called “mafia” operating at Korydallos maximum-security prison in Athens until Monday to prepare their defense.

The two attorneys are a 65-year-old man, who was the target of an attempted murder in 2004, and a 45-year-old woman.

Their alleged involvement in the gang was uncovered by police during an investigation launched in January into the escape from Korydallos of two members of the gang, who were also suspected of planning to take part in a terrorist attack.

The investigation, conducted by the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, revealed that the lawyers had frequent phone contact with the gang’s leader Claudian Lekotsai, nicknamed “Claudie.”

Phone taps of their conversations further revealed the 65-year-old lawyer regularly paid money to gang members. The wiretaps also suggested the 45-year-old gave “Claudie” instructions on how to escape when he was to appear in court to testify in a murder case.