Hundreds of migrants spent night in field hoping for border push


About 500 migrants who gathered on Thursday in a field near a camp in northern Greece in the hope of crossing the border and fleeing towatds northern Europe spent the night in tents, lighting fires to stay warm, according to state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported Friday.

The group, which includes families with small children, gathered outside the Diavata camp following anonymous calls on social media to trek through heavily guarded Balkan borders.

On Thursday, clashes broke out between migrants and Greek police, leading to the detention of a 37-year-old Iraqi national for resisting and causing bodily harm and the injury of one officer.

The heavy riot police presence continued on Friday with officers surrounding the pants, as the people have said they want to cross the border into North Macedonia.

“Unfortunately, some of the asylum seekers housed in structures in northern Greece, unfortunately, were reportedly yesterday in the ANA-MPA sources," unfortunately some of the asylum seekers housed in structures in northern Greece were deceived by the misinformation that has been making the rounds lately through social networks, despite the warnings from the camps’s administrations,” a source from the ministry of migration told ANA-MPA on Thursday.