Leftists sweep prison vote, leaving opposition far behind


Leftist SYRIZA may have lost Sunday’s elections in most parts of Greece, but it triumphed over conservative New Democracy at prison polling stations.

At the main wing of the capital’s Korydallos Prison, SYRIZA garnered 79.7 percent of the general population’s vote and support from 62.5 percent of its psychiatric wing, far more than ND’s respective 5.6 percent and 12.5 percent.

Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn – which came in second at the penitentiaries of Amfissa in central Greece, with 9.8 percent, and in the western port of Patra, with 7.3 percent – fared better in Korydallos’ psychiatric wing, with 10.9 percent, than it did among the general population, where its negligible percentage was on a par with Greek Solution and Independent Greeks.

SYRIZA swept 85.6 percent of the vote in Nafplio prison, against ND’s 6.6 percent, and saw similar results in Patra, Kassandra, Malandrino and Trikala, where the difference was 77 against 8.2 percent.