While the specter of Le Pen lingers over the EU

The result of the first round of the French presidential elections was viewed by the systemic forces of the European Union – political and other – as the manifestation of a major political deviation.

France’s own 2012

Greece is a strange country with great resilience. Back in the days of the scathing financial crisis, I was making the case to a group of European friends that if France were hit by a crisis of that magnitude, it would have to face something resembling the Storming of the Bastille all over again.

Macron vs Le Pen and the West’s shortcomings

Proponents of liberal democracy in France – but also in Europe and the rest of the world – obviously want to see incumbent Emmanuel Macron win the French presidential election.

After a day of debate, voting rights bill is blocked in the Senate

Senate Democrats made an impassioned case Wednesday for legislation to counter an onslaught of new voting restrictions around the country, but they failed to overcome a Republican blockade or unite their members behind a change in filibuster rules to pass it.

Opposing trends in France and Germany 

The announced agreement to form a three-party coalition in Germany under Social Democrat Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been reached with the “Prussian” discipline that characterizes the country, and those who expect dramatic policy changes are likely to be disappointed.

Zaev announces resignation

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has announced his resignation following the heavy defeat of his ruling party, the Social Democratic Union, in local elections.

Greeks abroad can begin registering in online electoral list

Greece’s Interior Ministry launched on Wednesday a new information campaign in digital and print media abroad to inform Greeks who reside outside the country that they should register in the special electoral list apodimoi.gov.gr if they want to vote in the next national elections from their country of residence.

The new German government and Greece

Soon Greece will have to work with a new government in Berlin. All indications are that it is likely to include the Greens and the Free Democrats (FDP), the third and fourth party in Sunday’s elections.