TABLE: ND wins Greek election, official results


Greece's conservative New Democracy pary won Sunday's snap national election, defeating the ruling Syriza party of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The following are official results released by the Interior Ministry with nearly 99.87 percent of the votes counted and the projected seats in the 300-seat parliament.

                                                        votes %       parliament seats
New Democracy                              39.85%              158
SYRIZA                                            31.53%                86
Movement for Change (KINAL)         8.10%                22
Communist KKE                                5.30%                15
Greek Solution                                  3.70%                 10
Mera25                                              3.44%                  9
Other parties                                     8.08%                  0

Source: Interior Ministry data, with 99.87 pct of votes counted