So long, Mister Laliotis

At the start of a new era in our history, a time in which this turbulent country is called upon to move with a different rhythm in order to take its place in a more competitive environment, our political life is in danger of sliding into the sick and paralytic past at the initiative of the new general secretary of the ruling PASOK party, Costas Laliotis. By reviving suspect allegations and bringing shady characters to the fore, Laliotis is trying to shift political dialogue to an era which has been weighed and judged by the Greek people. Mr Laliotis is sticking to recipes intended to deceive and cause delays. Even though he, as minister of public works and the environment for seven years, can be accused of mismanaging (to adopt the most innocent and naive term) huge amounts of EU funds. This is a time of difficult decisions, in which school students have to study from morning to night in order to get into university, when young people work hard every day to gain a place in the labor market, when employees keep training until the day they retire so as not to be pushed into the ranks of the unemployed, and when businesses try every day to discover the innovations that will keep them from sinking. The times cannot endure the old political party model represented by Mr Laliotis. It has to pass it by because it needs a new type of politician who will not stick to the superficial but has a duty to probe deeper, to focus on the essence of problems and to provide effective solutions which will endure.