No PASOK approval for Barroso

In yesterday’s endorsement by the European Parliament of Portugal’s former Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso as the new president of the European Commission, Greece’s deputies from the opposition PASOK party voted against the move, along with the rest of the body’s Socialists. During the debate before the vote, PASOK’s chief representative Mariliza Xenoyiannakopoulou cited Barroso’s policy statements as prime minister and in the European Parliament, which she said had not convinced the European Socialists that he could carry out an «effective development policy aimed at full employment, guaranteed social rights, regional and social cohesion.» She also criticized Barroso for aligning himself with the US war against Iraq. In reply, Barroso congratulated Greece’s deputies on being «particularly dynamic» during the session. He also congratulated the Greeks on winning the recent European Soccer Championship and wished them «good luck for the Olympic Games.» Barroso’s appointment was endorsed by 413-251 votes.