Greek police requests German assistance over identity of detainee


Greek police has requested the help of German authorities to confirm whether a man arrested over a hijacking that resulted in a passenger's death 34 years ago is one of the perpetrators or a journalist working in Lebanon, as he claims.

The Lebanese national, 65, was arrested on Mykonos island on Thursday during passport control when his data coincided with those included in an arrest warrant issued by the German authorities over the 1985 hijacking of a TWA flight from Athens to Rome.

The man and his family claim mistaken identity, telling the media he is a journalist from Sidon, while his lawyer submitted documents showing he was working at a Lebanese newspaper the week the incident happened.

Detained on the island of Syros by order of a prosecutor, the man was again led before an appeals court judge and the case was referred to the Council of Appeals Judges, awaiting the results of the inquiry to Germany.