Two killed by lightning as rain wreaks widespread problems


Two people were killed by lightning in western Greece on Tuesday when a wave of bad weather swept western Greece.

The first incident involved a 35-year-old migrant worker in Lechaina, in the regional unit of Ileia in the Peloponnese.

According to local reports, he had been sheltering in a derelict building with other migrants when the storm struck and was hit by lightning after going outside for reasons that remained unclear.

The other incident occurred at an illegal landfill near the small town of Alimaki, in Kyparissia in the western Peloponnese.

A 56-year-old man, reportedly of Bulgarian origin, was struck by lightning while foraging for scrap metal with another three people, according to local reports.

The National Observatory of Athens said that more than 10,500 bolts of lightning struck the Ionian and western Greece on Tuesday.

Heavy rainfall caused problems on some of the Ionian islands on Tuesday too, with streets flooded in eastern Cephalonia.