More police patrols at Turkish, US targets amid fears of anarchist backlash


The Hellenic Police (ELAS) is bolstering security for potential Turkish targets in the Greek capital and other parts of the country amid concerns about anarchist reactions to Turkey’s operations in Syria. Increased patrols will also extend to potential American targets.

The decision to boost security was prompted by evidence of close ties between far-left Kurdish organizations and the Greek anarchist group Rouvikonas, which has already vandalized the Turkish Embassy and Consulate in the past. It is also believed that at least six members of the anarchist group have fought alongside Kurdish forces in Syria.

Following the April 2018 attack on the consulate, Rouvikonas posted a photograph of several of its members in Rojava, northeastern Syria. The previous year, another photograph emerged, pointing to a Rouvikonas presence in Raqqa.

ELAS is also aware of posts on the anarchist Indymedia website calling for action against the Turkish operation.