Traffic crackdown logs over 6,300 highway code violations


Traffic police recorded more than 6,300 violations of the highway code in a nationwide crackdown last week.

Officers inspected a total of 34,173 vehicles from October 14 through 20, recording 6,342 violations, according to official data released on Wednesday.

Of those transgressions, the overwhelming majority – 5,418 – involved speeding, while 924 concerned driving under the influence of alcohol.

Most of the violations (1,013) were in Attica, with 540 recorded in Thessaloniki, 373 in Kilkis, 298 in Corinth, 285 in Pieria, 224 in Magnesia and 223 in Halkidiki.

A similar crackdown is also planned for the long weekend ahead of Ochi Day on Monday, the public holiday that commemorates Greece’s entry into the Second World War in 1940.