Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called on British counterpart Boris Johnson on Monday to revise the travel restrictions for Greece which has remained on the UK’s “amber list,” requiring travelers to quarantine for 10 days on return to the country and taking two pre-booked Covid-19 tests whilst in quarantine.


Greek air carrier Sky Express will as of Tuesday, June 15 offer a new and highly promising flight service connecting two major urban centers of Greece, Volos in Thessaly and Iraklio on Crete.

A man waves his hat as passengers arriving from Germany and Switzerland exit the terminal of Iraklio airport, May 15. [Reuters]

All vaccines, even if they have not been approved by the European Medicines Agency, will be accepted by Greece for entry into the country, according to the member of the health committee advising the government on the pandemic.

Passengers from Hanover arrive at Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport in Iraklio, on the island of Crete, Friday. Tourism services and museums reopened Friday, while a nightly curfew shortened by another 90 minutes, as authorities relaxed restrictions for the tourism season. Market experts predict the presence of travelers will become apparent in a big way by the end of next month and early July. Speaking to Kathimerini, the chief financial officer of German travel group TUI AG, Sebastian Ebel, said that bookings go all the way to October, and did not rule out the trend persisting into the first half of November. [AP]

European Union lawmakers on Wednesday endorsed a new travel certificate that will allow people to move between European countries without having to quarantine or undergo extra coronavirus tests, paving the way for the pass to start in time for summer.


The Republic of Cyprus began on Tuesday issuing a temporary Covid-19 vaccination certificate to citizens who wish to travel abroad in June, with the document valid until the new European Digital Covid-19 Certificate is scheduled to be introduced on July 1.