North Macedonia opposition will challenge name deal if elected, party official says


The international relations secretary of North Macedonia’s nationalist opposition has said that if his VRMO-DPMNE party is voted to power in April, it would challenge the name deal signed with Greece in 2018.

“If a new government is formed, it’s priority will be to put ‘Macedonia’ on the fast track to European accession. If we achieve this, it will be easier to reopen these issues, to reopen the issue of self-determination, which the Prespes agreement denies us,” Timco Mucunski told Skai TV in an interview on Thursday night.

“There are legal means to do this and whether we do so will be determined by the final result of the election,” he said, referring to snap polls called by the country’s moderate Prime Minister Zoran Zaev following a decision in Brussels to freeze accession talks with the Balkan nation last week.

“I guarantee that for as long as I live, and well beyond that, no citizen of this country will use the new name at will,” Mucunski said.