Two men arrested over east Attica jewelry store robbery after car chase


Police in the Greek capital arrested two suspects in the early hours of Friday after they allegedly robbed a jewelry store in Artemida, eastern Attica, by ramming a car through the window and grabbing any valuables they could get their hands on.

The car was spotted about half an hour later, around 5 a.m., speeding on the Attiki Odos ring road, with officers giving chase and managing to stop the suspects after they took the turnoff towards Aspropyrgos, west of Athens.

During their arrest, several residents of a nearby Roma camp reportedly tried to intimidate the police officers by threatening to shoot them. The officers dispersed the crowd by firing their guns in the air.

The incident comes a few hours after police announced the arrest of five members of the Roma community who are accused of carrying out at least 20 robberies in the Attica area, using the same method. Investigators say it was their practice to steal cars that they would use to ram into the businesses they wanted to rob.