Government condemns vandalism attack on journalist’s home


Government spokesman Stelios Petsas has condemned a “fascist attack” by self-styled anarchists who spray-painted slogans and scattered flyers outside the home of prominent Skai journalist and commentator Aris Portosalte on Thursday night.

The attack, he said in a statement released after the incident, “is an attack on everything we want to protect. It is an attack on the freedom of expression. It is an attack on democracy.”

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias also condemned the incident on Friday, saying on Twitter that it was “not just an attack against the particular journalist, but an assault on the freedom of speech.”

The incident was reported by Portosalte on his Twitter account on Thursday night, where he also posted photographs of the slogans.

“Rouvikonas’ fascist assault squads [carried out] a terrorist raid at the entrance of my apartment block. Democracy in danger,” the journalist tweeted, referring to the anti-establishment group.