WaPo opinion piece: Greece should be the keeper of Parthenon marbles

WaPo opinion piece: Greece should be the keeper of Parthenon marbles

Now that times have changed and Britain is leaving the European Union, it's time to reconsider Greece's claim for the return of the Parthenon sculptures, according to an opinion piece in the Washington Post published this weekend.

Despite the differing opinions today, the author notes, the case is stronger than ever that they should return to Athens, the cradle of Western culture.

When Thomas Bruce, Earl of Elgin and British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, asked permission of the sultan to "take away some pieces of stone with old inscriptions and figures," the earl "naturally took this as license to remove some 17 statues from the pediments, 15 metopes (carved panels) and 247 feet of the frieze from the Parthenon and bring them back home to merry old England," says the article.

The old argument that the move was an act of preserving the monuments that theoretically could not be appreciated by the locals needed to be revisited, as "Greece is today revered as the cradle of Western culture," making the Greeks the natural choice of housing the sculptures.

Now that Brexit is a reality, "maybe they do belong to all of us. Why, then, should their keeper be the very country that insists on belonging only to itself?"


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