Stricter fines mulled for traffic violations


The Transport Ministry is reportedly re-examining the size of fines for specific violations of the highway code and the way they are collected.

A case in point is driving under the influence of alcohol, with the ministry mulling – apart from temporarily revoking an offender’s driving license – an increase of the fine for this particular infringement, which today stands at 700 euros and is the maximum monetary penalty.

An increase in the fine for illegal street racing, also currently at 700 euros, is also being considered.

Authorities are further examining far stricter penalties for hit-and-run incidents as the ministry believes that most offenders get off lightly. Currently offenders are faced with a six-month jail sentence that they can pay off.

The ministry is also seeking ways to ensure that these fines are actually paid and is considering stricter ways to collect fines from offenders.

For instance, if the fine is not paid within a two to three month period it will be included in the offender’s tax form.

To the end of encouraging offenders to pay up, the ministry is also examining the re-introduction of a discount if the fine is paid within a 10-day period.

Fines issues in Greece amount to some 140 million euros on an annual basis but only around 40 million euros actually make it into the state’s coffers.