Four arrested over attack against Athens foundation


Four people were arrested on Monday in connection with an attack against the Konstantinos Mitsotakis Foundation last January in Athens after police raided the homes of anti-establishment group members in the Greek capital. 

The attack on January 6 involved an explosive device made up of small gas canisters and a vessel containing petrol that was placed outside the foundation’s building on Psaromilingou Street in downtown Kerameikos. The blast caused limited damage, scorching the building’s facade. 

Responsibility for the explosion had been claimed by anarchists in a statement posted on an anti-establishment website. 

An investigative magistrate at the time had issued an arrest warrant in connection to the attack for one of the four suspects. 

The other three were linked to the attack by evidence that was subsequently collected by investigators.

The foundation is named after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ father.