Ships moored to docks across much of the country amid bad weather


Ships remained moored in ports across much of the country on Monday following problems at sea amid winds reaching up to 9 on the Beaufort scale in the Aegean. 

Authorities imposed a ban on ferries departing from Piraeus for the islands of the Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese. Ferries were also banned from leaving the ports of Rafina and Lavrio. 

Closed ferry connections for the islands of the Argosaronic islands continue while the route linking Perama, Paloukia and Salamina was suspended. 

Several other ferry lines were suspended across the country including Agia Marina-Nea Styra, Akritsa-Aidipsos, Kavala-Prinos, Alexandroupoli-Samothrace and Rio-Antirrio. 

Passengers scheduled to travel by ferry on Monday were advised to contact the local port authority and travel agency to check for possible changes or cancellations due to the bad weather.