Authorities on lookout for rogue clerics, worshippers


As Greece enters Holy Week, the most sacred time of year for Orthodox Christians and traditionally a period of public gatherings and religious services, authorities will be watching carefully to ensure that the restrictions designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic are being upheld. 

Officials have warned that any sign of flouting the rules, also by members of the flock who may be tempted to gather outside churches or protest the ban, will bring stricter measures.

The government and the Church of Greece have clarified that places of worship, regardless of their size and capacity, will only be open for clerics during Holy Week.

The Epitaphios procession and the Easter Resurrection ceremony must take place inside churches – and some will be livestreamed.

The Holy Synod has cautioned clerics against going rogue, but a lot will depend on the stance of the country’s 82 archbishops.