The police intervention on Tuesday morning to end the occupation of the Theoretical Sciences Building of the Athens Law School on Solonos Street by a group of students and others signified that university authorities are beginning to break free from the shackles of past decades.

08.05.2024 / 20:01

Students with disabilities in general education structures increased by almost 60% in eight years in a trend attributed to a combination of factors, but mainly to the awareness of parents, who no longer sweep the problem under the family rug.

11.04.2024 / 11:28

Greece’s Health Ministry is preparing a program aimed at developing a model for the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency, Stelios Stylianidis, psychiatrist-psychoanalyst and professor emeritus of social psychiatry at Athens’ Panteion University, told Kathimerini. 

10.04.2024 / 09:45

Seeking to tackle the rise in cases of bullying, the government has announced a series of preventive measures which include, among others, stricter penalties for students for acts of violence at school and parents’ co-responsibility for their children’s actions.

08.04.2024 / 00:13

More than 120,000 university graduates are waiting to be appointed to teaching positions in public primary and secondary schools, and it will not happen anytime soon.

30.03.2024 / 18:00

More than 52% (180) of 346 young, successful, innovative entrepreneurs active in Greece and abroad have earned undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from at least one public university in the country, according to Savy.gr, a professional services comparison company.

28.03.2024 / 13:03

Education experts are hailing the advent of online cramming schools in Greece as an educational El Dorado, given that some are even paid up 1,200 euros from countries of the Middle East.

24.03.2024 / 12:24

Students who post videos on social media exposing or mocking their classmates during school hours will be expelled, according to the Education Ministry. 

22.03.2024 / 12:31

Some 20 departments of Greek universities have had a low, even single-digit, number of admissions in recent years due to the low demand from students participating in the Panhellenic entry examinations. 

22.03.2024 / 10:35

Amid mounting opposition orchestrated by educational federations and trade unionists visiting schools, the Education Ministry has warned teachers to participate in their evaluation scheme or face consequences.

20.03.2024 / 10:00

The security plans submitted by rectory authorities of the major Greek universities will be evaluated during a meeting with the leadership of the ministries of Education and Citizen Protection at the latter’s headquarters, according to reports.

14.03.2024 / 20:43

Two out of three teenagers think that if they used their mobile phones less they would perform better at school, according to the finds of a survey of 2,291 high school students and graduates by the Poukamisas Educational Center, seeking to assess their relationship with their devices and the impact in and out of school.

14.03.2024 / 11:11

In view of the preparations for Ramadan, the Yeni Mosque, an Ottoman monument in Thessaloniki which hosts various cultural activities, will for the first time be granted to Muslims for prayers during Eid al-Fitr on April 10. The Suleymaniye Mosque on Rhodes will also be given for Eid prayers. 

09.03.2024 / 11:53

As the dust settles after Parliament passed the new education bill on non-state institutions of higher education on Friday, the major question is how this will impact Greece’s ultimate aspiration of becoming an education hub in the southeast Mediterranean.

05.03.2024 / 11:30

Amid the recent spike in juvenile violence and school bullying, the government is seeking to combat the phenomenon with an immediate plan of action that involves among others the tightening of penalties.