The new management of the Antonis Tritsis Park in the western Athens suburb of Ilion will be offering local residents who are having trouble making ends meet small parcels of land where they can grow their own vegetables.

20.01.2023 / 19:24

The assessment of 4,500 newly appointed school teachers, one of the flagship policies of the government’s reform agenda, will begin this coming week, the Education Ministry said Thursday.

13.01.2023 / 07:20

Greece has the oldest university lecturers in Europe and the fewest aged under 35, according to a recent report by the National Authority for Higher Education (EThAAE). More specifically, of the 17,049 permanent lecturers at Greek universities, more than half are over 50.

28.12.2022 / 21:43

The timing of the selection and placement of the approximately 800 new education advisers and 14,000 school administrators will determine the start of the evaluation of newly appointed teachers who will complete their first two years in schools in June 2023.

11.12.2022 / 10:15

With one in three students bullied at school, one in two verbally and some isolated from the entire class, the Education Ministry has drafted a bill exhorting victims and their families to speak up. 

09.12.2022 / 14:59

A successful balance between the real and the digital world will be the hallmark of future schools and universities, according to experts.

02.12.2022 / 05:11

Twenty-six Greek primary schools have responded to the invitation extended around the world by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to name 20 selected exoplanets (i.e. planets outside our solar system) along with their host stars, which have been discovered relatively recently and are set to be observed by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

24.11.2022 / 09:39

Greece ranks at the tail end of European Union countries when it comes to preschool education, according to the European Commission’s Education and Training Monitor 2022.

07.11.2022 / 08:02

Representatives from 30 American universities – including top-flight schools like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Brown and Johns Hopkins – are in Greece these days exploring new partnerships and strengthening already existing ties with local institutions, thanks to an initiative launched in December 2019 by the Greek Education Ministry and the Institute of International Education (IIE) in the United States.

17.10.2022 / 07:00

The sexual abuse case involving a 12-year-old in Athens and her mother accused of pimping has sparked a public debate in Greece over shortcomings regarding child abuse. 

16.10.2022 / 12:47

Some 15,000 engineering students at former technical colleges (TEI) are at risk of not qualifying to practice their chosen profession after graduation due to a discrepancy in standards with engineering schools at polytechnic universities.