New legislation stipulating changes in the administration of the universities and the evaluation of Greece’s 170,000 public and private school teachers will be unveiled in March, Kathimerini understands.

22.02.2021 / 20:32

Greek universities are somewhat notorious for bending transparency and fair competition rules by demanding an unlikely combination of qualifications from candidates for new posts that usually corresponds to the CV of specific people they are seeking to appoint. 

15.02.2021 / 20:08

The provision in the education reform bill that passed Thursday, that a passing grade is the minimum required for a student to enter university, will severely disrupt the operation of Greek public universities.

08.02.2021 / 12:35

Greece’s roughly 14,000 public and private schools will undergo an evaluation of academic performance as part of government plans to streamline their operations and improve results. 

04.02.2021 / 18:45

Most of the country’s students, who, in the majority of cases, begin their research at university for a doctorate without pay, are forced to take a second job to make ends meet, according to academic experts.

03.02.2021 / 12:12

The maximum time students will have to complete their university degrees is six years for those on a four-year course, eight years for those on a five-year course and nine years for a six-year course, according to the changes made to a bill that is currently under consultation in the Parliamentary Committee on Educational Affairs.

01.02.2021 / 12:19

With Greek universities only holding classes, and exams, online, there is now a demand for graduates to “assist” students during the upcoming examinations by essentially taking their exams for them.

20.01.2021 / 16:31

Around one in four university graduates, even those who have completed postgraduate degrees, are enrolling at vocational training institutes (IEKs), according to a study conducted by the General Confederation of Greek Workers’ Center for the Development of Educational Policy (KANEP-GSEE), reflecting the fact their academic degrees did not secure them the job they had hoped for.

18.01.2021 / 15:54

New legislation providing for a police force on Greek university campuses has been loudly denounced by the opposition, which, among other things, says the institutions’ own regulations provide for sanctions for a series of crimes and misdemeanors within their premises.

15.01.2021 / 13:00

Harking back to the times when it was on the margins of Greece’s political life as an anti-establishment party backing protests, main opposition SYRIZA said Thursday it will fight tooth and nail against the government’s new education bill, which, among other things, foresees the presence of police on university campuses to deal with chronic lawlessness plaguing the country’s academic institutions.