Top court blocks construction of high buildings around Acropolis


Greece’s Council of State has issued two rulings that temporarily suspend the construction of buildings in central Athens that would obstruct the view of the Acropolis Hill.

In decisions that were made public on Wednesday, the plenary of the country’s top administrative court rejected appeals to revoke a decision by Culture Minister Lina Mendoni that rescinded a permit for the construction of a new nine-floor building on Misaraliotou Street near the Acropolis in the central Athens district of Koukaki.

The judges also decided to suspend the construction of buildings over 17.5 meters high in the area of Makriyianni and Koukaki.

In its reasoning, the court explained that it aims to block construction that degrades the monument and its surrounding areas and provide the ministry with enough time to reconsider the urban planning laws in the area.